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Greasy is one of the secondary antagonists of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He is a brown Puerto-Rican weasel, and has long greasy black hair, hence his name. He wears a green zoot suit styled trench coat and trousers hiked up all the way to his chest, a partially obscured pink tie and white dress shirt, as well as a tall green zoot hat and spectator shoes, and is overweight. His weapon of choice is a switchblade. He is mostly shown speaking English with a heavy Spanish accent, but he curses in Spanish when Roger shoots into the Acme Factory via storm drain, propelling Greasy and himself up towards the ceiling, and when he springs a bear trap in the top of Jessica Rabbit's dress. He also appears perverted, as he quickly takes Judge Doom's orders to search Jessica for Acme's will as an opportunity to feel her. He is the fourth weasel to die after losing control of his laughter, and drops dead out of the cab of the Dip Machine.

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