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The Greaser descendants are the secondary antagonists of the CatDog episode CatDog 3001. They are the descendants of the Greaser Dogs who are under the employ of Winslow the 38th.

The members are Clifferata, Shriekahoora, and Lube Kanoobee.


The Greaser descendants reported to Winslow the 38th that they found the rebel headquarters (Lolita 7, Mervania, Dunlapia, Randolphoran, Mr. Sunspock) and found a secret weapon being built to be used against. 38th Winslow told his henchmen that their weapons can not match their weapons and went on to wear their "scary battle outfits".

The Greaser descendants attacked the base, destroying the time-travel machine, and Dog flies up for the battle, and the rebels throws fruit at them, and the Greaser descendants fires their slime weapons at the rebels. Then Dog already defeated them with his weapon, with 38th Winslow had to handle the rebels himself.

Later, Cat uses Dog as a vacuum to suck the 38th Winslow and his Greaser Descendants. 38th Winslow and the Greaser descendants are imprisoned in a cage and peace is restored in future Nearburg.