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The Grazlaa serve as the antagonists of the Wizards vs Aliens episode Grazlax Attacks. They are a diminutive race of aliens from the planet Grazlaxicon III in the Korbol Galaxy (the same Galaxy Nekron, home planet of the Nekross is). They have eaten though everything on every planet they've been to, having been able to chew through wood, metal and stone and are also brilliant trackers and once they pick up their target's scent, nothing can stop them.

If a Grazlax get's too hot, it multiplies into three more Grazlaa (it only takes around 50-60 Celsius for this to happen). The Grazlaa's weakness is loud noises which cause them to explode into orange goo.

In the episode, a female Nekross named Lexi sends a Grazlax to attack the Nekross's wizard enemy Tom Clarke when he was visiting his friend Benny Sherwood. During the attack, the duo blast the Grazlax with a hairdryer causing it to multiply into three Grazlaa. Eventually after more Grazlaa multiply, the two learned that the Grazlaa's weakness was loud noises and so Tom used Benny's violin to fight back, causing the many Grazlaa to explode in orange goo.


Grazlaa are small creatures with blue fur, red eyes, fangs and horns on their heads.