Grayson Global is the main, later secondary antagonist faction in the TV series Revenge.


Grayson Global is a hedge fund company and major investment firm, originally founded by Edward Grayson (who remained as Chairman of its Board of Directors), and later headed by his son Conrad Grayson, and after him Daniel Grayson. Under Conrad's leadership, the Grayson company's business went worldwide, though secretly Conrad had found out about a private group of businesspeople, dubbed a terroristic group to the public known as "Americon Initiative", who perfected the art of engineering certain disasters and acts of terror on the general population of the United States, and then profiting (via wealth, political capital, business opportunities, etc.) greatly in the aftermath. Daniel later replaced his father after gaining the support and approval of the Executive Board.

The NolCorp technology company was founded and headed by Nolan Ross and was originally an undeclared Grayson Global subsidiary (as it had been started with funds provided by David Clark, while he was still an executive at Global), although a majority stake in NolCorp was later given to Global. Nolan was implicated by the Initiative as a member responsible for masterminding the Manhattan Blackout and Grayson Global Bombing, and was then arrested for treason against the United States. A few months later, however, a fail-safe he installed in Carrion (the program used by the Initiative to cause the blackout, which had been originally created and stolen by Ross) exonerated him and exposed the remaining Initiative members. NolCorp, however, is mentioned as having "gone the way of the flip-phone" as a result of the bad publicity from the attacks, and Daniel himself has left the company to focus on his engagement to Emily Thorn.

Grayson Global's current operations and status are unknown.