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Graydon is the secondary antagonist of the 1987 film Adventures in Babysitting, and second-in-command to Bleak.

He is portrayed by Ron Canada.


Graydon was with Bleak in a warehouse full of stolen vehicles when Joe Gipp returns with the stolen red Cadillac they were expecting. However, he was not alone at the scene of the crime. He brought along four witnesses to the warehouse, a young teenager and her minors whom she is babysitting. Graydon angrily punches Joe in the lip and dismisses the employees, while Bleak has the "defense" (the kids) held upstairs in his office.

Later, Graydon is at a meeting with executives who were making arrangements for car shippings nationwide. Bleak tells him to get his Playboy magazine and so he does, but is shocked to find out the kids escaped via a document storage box. Graydon comes to warn his boss the kids took off with it, prompting them and Joe Gipp to go after it.

After a few misses with the babysitter and her crew here and there, he, Bleak and Gipp finally catch up to Sara at a toy store. They give chase to her at her parents' office building. Graydon barely gets a hand on Sara, only able to pull of her Thor cape before knocking out a janitor and failing to get her in the elevator. Bleak checks the party floor while Graydon and Joe Gipp check the penthouse looking for Sara. As he searches for her, he spots her going down the building

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