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Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf is the younger brother of Tiger on Monster Rancher. He was captured by Moo, who made him into a Baddie. He then became one of Moo's Big Bad Four.

Gray Wolf leads a pack of Cabalos. After many failed attempts to destroy the Snatchers, Gray Wolf challenged Tiger to a fight to the death. They appeared evenly matched, but when they were supposed to use their claws, instead Gray Wolf whipped Tiger in the eyes with his tail, blinding him. He beat Tiger up, but as he moved in for the kill, Tiger sensed the vibrations and stabbed him in the throat with his horn, destroying his Baddie crest, which turned him good again but mortally wounded him. The brothers reconciled before Gray Wolf died and turned to a lost disc.

He was revived as a mystery disk when Moo was destroyed, and was unlocked by a girl named Nina in Season 3, and was not turned evil again.


Gray Wolf has the same attacks as Tiger. He uses Lightning, which zaps his opponents with bolts of electricity, Blizzard, which shoots an ice beam, and Tornado, which forms a tornado. He also uses claw, horn, and tail attacks. He learned a tail attack from Tiger, where he whips his opponent in the eyes with his tail to blind him.

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