I begrudge you everything. I wanna rip it all from you, to leave you screaming in the dark. I will never absolve you. All of it, it’s your fault.
~ Gray to Jack

Gray is the main antagonist of the second season of the Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood. He is Captain Jack Harkness's long-lost brother who went insane through years of torture from an unknown alien race, described by Jack as the 'most horrible creatures you could possibly imagine'. Blaming Jack for the pain he had gone through, Gray swore revenge and attempted to get revenge on him by destroying everything he cared for.

He is portrayed by Lachlan Nieboer.


After being tortured for many years, Gray went insane and grew to hate Jack, blaming him for the agony he had been put through. Gray stabbed Jack when his older brother embraced him and took sadistic pleasure in the thought of having Jack endure a cycle of deaths and resurrections. In addition to being sadistic and vengeful, Gray was ruthless and showed no remorse for committing murder, shooting Toshiko Sato and fatally wounding her.

Gray was horrifically unforgiving, refusing to give Jack absolution even after his brother had forgiven him for all the horrendous crimes he had committed. He claimed that, after everything the aliens put him through, his hatred for Jack was the only strength he had left, clearly implying that without it, he would be nothing. In the end, Gray just wanted Jack to understand the pain he had gone through.


  • Coincidentally, Lachlan Nieboer looks very similar to John Barrowman, to the point that they look like real brothers.