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Gravimon is one of the main antagonists in Digimon Fusion season two. He serves both Lord Bagra and AxeKnightmon as one of the 7 Dark Generals. He's also know as; The Earth-Spirit.


Gravimon in an Unknown Level Digimon. He's a skinny Digimon with paper thin arms, long brown hair, and eight whip-like tentacles.

Digimon Fusion season two

After Lord Bagra finished the Code Crown, he reformatted the Digital World into Seven Satellite Kingdoms. One of the Dark Generals; Gravimon was serving under AxeKnightmon, and became the ruler of the Canyon Land. Gravimon captured Christopher and showed him his shady past, revealing flashbacks about young Christopher. His father told him not to cry and be stronger for his enemies. Gravimon then tricked Christopher (along with into fighting Mikey and OmniShoutmon, and attacking Deckerdramon for refusing to fight Mikey and OmniShoutmon. After Christopher finally came to his senses, Gravimon showed up, and attempted to destroy the Fusion Fighters army, but Deckerdramon stepped in and took the attack, sacrificing himself. As Deckerdramon lay dying, he told Christopher that he was his great friend, and fades away. Mikey, Nene, and Christopher then DigiFused OmegaShoutmon, ZekeGreymon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmons, and Sparrowmon to become Shoutmon X7 to fight back against Gravimon and his army. Shoutmon X7 assumedly defeatd Gravimon, but one of his minions found his remaining tentacle, and resurrected him, and he also took Hi-VisionMonitamon hostage. During the battle (and after rescuing Hi-VisionMonitamon), he absorbed the rest of his minons and became hisDarkness Mode form. The only to defeat him completely is destroying his core (which is his weakness) Christopher tricks Gravimon into surrendering his Fusion Loader. Gravimon nearly destroys Christopher, but Mikey jumped in the way in order to release the core from his arm. Gravimon was defeated for good by the combined efforts of Shoutmon X7 and Chrisopher's loyalty.

Gravimon reappeared again as a souless Digimon along with the other souless Dark Generals, and they all combined together to form the ultimate Dark General, GrandGeneramon. After GrandGeneramon was defeated by Shoutmon X7, Gravimon and the remaining Dark Generals disintigrated into nothingness.


As Gravimon

  • Octogravity
  • High Gravity Pressure
  • Gravity Ban

As Gravimon Darkness Mode

  • High Gravity Punch

Minion's of Gravimon

  • Gravimon
  • Gravimon Darkness Mode
  • GrandGeneramon
  • GrandGeneramon (Incomplete)

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