Gravemoss is a villain first appearing in Excalibur Vol.1 83.
An arrogant, powerful sorcerer, Gravemoss competed with other sorcerer’s upon the ‘Winding Way’, a system of mystical empowerment, where each increase of power is followed by a time of weakness and lowliness. Wishing to kill those before him so he could ascend the path rapidly, Gravemoss sought the ‘Soulsword’, a weapon of great power once possessed by Magik, but passed on to her friend Kitty Pryde of Excalibur.
Gravemoss is a high level magician, he can travel through dimensions, possess bodies, summon occult flames, and very likely much more. When Gravemoss possesses the body of other people, he can retain their memories as well. Gravemoss is also desperately power-hungry and sadistic, willing to do anything at all to become the Earth's strongest magician.