Grave Puncher

Brock Octain better known as Grave Puncher is a fictional video game character from a popular franchise in the Randy Cunningham universe, one of which that both Randy and Howard are big fans of. However in "Grave Puncher: The Movie" the character was accidentally brought to life.


Following Viceroy making Grave Puncher: The Movie, in 6D  for McFist Randy and Howard went to great lengths to see it, by accident when they sneaked into the theatre they spilled a drink on the projector. The movie used the latest in holographic and state of the technology to make it as realisitc as possible, however due there actions earlier, a glitch caused him to come to life.

Emerging out of the screen, he saw the new world as simply another version of his own, and procceded to destroy the the building (the point of the game is to destroy graves). Randy attacked him, but as he wasn't really real, he couldn't be stopped, realising the only answer, Randy destroyed the projector and the film thus destroying the Grave puncher.