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KRW-Grasshopper Woman

Grasshopper Woman

Hopper Dopant

Hopper Dopant

The mysterious "Grasshopper Woman" is the Hopper Gaia Memory user.

Grasshopper Woman

She is a hitwoman who works for the Museum as one of its top two eliminators along with the Smilodon Dopant, originally a normal girl until her mind was rewritten by neuroscientist Satoshi Yamashiro who was kidnapped to serve as a Museum researcher. She has purple hair, is dressed in Gothic Lolita attire, and carries a heart-shaped box full of boiled grasshoppers that she eats and offers to others, often before attacking with her electroshock boots if they turn her down.

he is called upon by Ryubeeto murder Yamashiro when he escapes from the Museum. After mortally wounding Yamashiro, the Hopper Memory is destroyed through Kamen Rider Accel Trial's Machine Gun Spike Maximum Drive.

Before Ryu can arrest her, the girl attempts to escape when the Smilodon Dopant kills her so she can not reveal any sensitive information concerning the Museum.

Dopant Form

As the Hopper Dopant, she is able to jump and kick with great intensity.

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