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Hey (bleep), I'm a (bleep) grapefruit, you know that means!
~ Grapefruit cursing at Orange

Grapefruit is a former antagonist of The Annoying Orange.


Grapefruit is a mean, cruel, sadistic, and sometimes friendly. He usually bullies Orange and friends and is in love with Passion Fruit.

He first appeared in Passion of the Fruit, along with Passion Fruit, where he is depicted as the main antagonist until being killed by Knife. He is later revived in the Halloween special Frankenfruit, put together with other deceased foods as a Frankenstein-type monster. He makes his last antagonistic role in Best Fiends Forever, where he bullies Orange's friends before being defeated by Marshmallow.

Grapefuit continues to be the show's recurring anti-hero / antagonist and has various roles where he outright attacks, belittles or generally makes life difficult for others : even Orange dislikes Grapefruit, frequently calling him an "apple" (a slang in the series for unpleasant people).

However, in some episodes he is a protagonist. In the episode Iron Apple he appears as a supporting protagonist by launching rockets at the Mandarin Orange (evil annoying orange) only to miss. He joins the Avegies to fight the Evil Marshmallow. In the episode skydiving he appears as the secondary supporting protagonist (after Greg the tomatoe) where, he, Annoying Orange,Pear and Midget Apple become professional skydivers only at the end to watch Greg the tomatoe being knifed. In the episode Bad Apple he appears as the quinary protagonist by helping Orange and the gang to stop Bad Apple from bullying him. They succeed, and make Bad Apple meet his demise by being divoured by a teacher. In the gaming video Grapefruit FAILS at Five Nights at Freddy's 2 he appears as the titular protagonist by trying to avoid being attacked by Freddy Fazbear (obviously the main antagonist) only to fail the game much to his annoyance. In the episode Cruel Middle School he is the quaternary protagonist/anti hero by helping Liz and Pear get back together. In Dragon Fruit Z he appears as the minor protagonist/anti hero by being smitten with another protagonist and trying to stop evil raddish only to fall off the counter saying unenthusiasticly "and I forgot I cannot fly!", in Ask Orange 8 he is the tertiary protagonist, he fails to stop Annoying Orange's evil twin from destroying the camera, making an explosion to which the title of the screen comes ,in the High Fruiticose episode Welcome to you're Fruitmare he appears as the septenary protagonist only to be juiced by Teddy Juicer, drank by Nerville and carried away by an eagle. He revives at the end with all the other formerly juiced fruits and in Scream for Ice Cream he appears as the secondary protagonist by getting tricked by Zombie Orange to go into the ice cream Zombie Freezer (after Orange tells him there is sexy ladies in the freezer) and become an ice cream Zombie.