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Hey (bleep), I'm a (bleep) grapefruit, you know that means!
~ Grapefruit cursing at Orange

Grapefruit is a former antagonist of The Annoying Orange.


Grapefruit is a mean, cruel, sadistic, and sometimes friendly. He usually bullies Orange and friends and is in love with Passion Fruit.

He first appeared in Passion of the Fruit, along with Passion Fruit, where he is depicted as the main antagonist until being killed by Knife. He is later revived in the Halloween special Frankenfruit, put together with other deceased foods as a Frankenstein-type monster. He makes his last antagonistic role in Best Fiends Forever, where he bullies Orange's friends before being defeated by Marshmallow.

Grapefuit continues to be the show's recurring anti-hero / antagonist and has various roles where he outright attacks, belittles or generally makes life difficult for others : even Orange dislikes Grapefruit, frequently calling him an "apple" (a slang in the series for unpleasant people).

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