This is all your fault, Tommy Cadle!
~ Granville DeSpray blaming Tommy Cadle.

Granville DeSpray is a minor character in the cartoon show Pet Alien. He is a descendent of the town's founders and is very rich due to his parents owning the whole town and being related to the founders of their "glorious" town.


Granville is a direct descendant of DeSpray Bay's founders, as you can tell from his name, and as such he values old English traditions like teatime. Oddly, all the characters think he is Norwegian. Granville is hopelessly in love with Melba and has numerous times, to no avail, attempted to win her heart. He hates Tommy and always blames him for anything bad that happens especially to him. He only has one friend; the statue Admiral Puff.


Granville is a sophisticated young man and hates Tommy. He often makes fun of everyone around him and he is known to be the end of most jokes (like Tommy and Swanky). Granville is in love with Melba and always attempts to win her heart and these attempts end up in her beating him up. He even thinks Tommy loves Melba (which he clearly doesn't and he doesn't even like her).