Grant and Gront were both antagonists in the Smashtasm Brawl series.



Gront is an idiotic low-level grunt and Grant's partner.

He captured 1337Fox but then gets defeated by Super64 in Episode One of Season Two. Gront plays Fox. He works alongside Grant, and can be absentminded and stupid at times (though nowhere near as dumb as Lamp), such as innocently revealing the boss' plot to Super64 while Grant was trying to cover it up and not understanding the consequences. He got the words gay and kidnappers mixed up, however Grant has shown evidence of homosexuality. He seems to retreat whenever Grant is defeated.



  • He may be smarter than he seems, framing Grant for sending an embarrassing video of Girem6 to I GOT IT! BRAWL ON TAPE! (because they mispronounced "Gront") by saying that Grant was so stupid, that "if you shake his head, you can hear the ocean" and getting Grant to elaborate on how he would gotten that footage.
  • Gront and Grant are both voiced by Ohmadon.
  • Gront's name is a play on the word "grunt".