Granny Beagle is the grandmother of the Beagle Boys.


Auntie Léonie Beagle is the aunt of the Beagle Boys. In her first appearance, whereas if nephews are in prison, she broke a wall with a pickaxe to visit because prison officials do not want the Beagle Ayent visiting

Behind the scenes

Granny Beagle appears for the first time in the gag Tony Strobl and Steve Steere February 1967 The Beagle Boys.


According to the I.N.D.U.C.K.S database, Mamie Beagle, Member of the Beagle family would actually Leonie Beagle. However, these two characters do not have the same relationship with the Beagle: Beagle Grandma is their grandmother and aunt Leonie. So everything that leaves the Inducks was wrong, and Leonie and Grandma Beagle are two separate characters.