All sons of old gods, DIE!
~ Grandmaster Meio

The Grandmaster (in Japanese: 冥王グランドマスター, alternatively Meiou/Meioh, meaning Lord of Darkness), also originally known as Grandmaster Meio, is a evil alien sorcerer who conquered the worlds he invaded with his army and now rules from his personal satellite known as the Third Moon where he watches the entire world. He is the major antagonist of the Strider videogame series.


The Grandmaster rules entire worlds around the universe. In 2048 AD, he set his sights on Earth, the next planet to be conquered. By summoning powerful creatures and enlisting some corrupt members from the Russian army (e.g. Solo), he manages to conquer the entire world. Soon, all continents were brought to his knees. The Grandmaster knows about everything, especially about a single person who has the power to destroy him. This man is Strider Hiryu, who has already begun his journey to kill the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster then hires a handful of mercenaries to deal with Strider's menace to his rule.

Powers and Abilities

Grandmaster Meio doesn't appear to hold any level of superior physical strength, and instead relies on his intelligence and vast powers to attack his enemies from afar. Among his known abilities, Meio has the power to levitate and move through the air at high speed, a variety of devastating energy attacks unleashed from his hands and the ability to instantly teleport from one location to another. But what's likely his best known ability is the power of creation, the ability to create organical "lifeforms" through lightning shot from his hands.

Meio is shown having an apparent unlimited control over his ability to create life. There seems to be no limit in the complexity or nature of the lifeforms, as he can produce both simple forms like fishes and more complex forms like dinosaurs and even humans, and he's also shown able to create mechanical creatures such as Lago and organical monsters like Caduceus. Using this ability in combat, Meio seeks to restrict his enemies' movement by filling out the area with several forms in constant movement attacking their target, which in turn makes Meio's own attacks harder to dodge.


The Grandmaster is evil, ruthless and very intelligent. Nothing is a surprise for him, since he is omniscient.