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Grandma Stotch is Butters' grandmother and Stephen Stotch's mother. She appeared as the main antagonist in the Season Sixteen episode, "Butterballs", where she bullied her grandson, Butters Stotch.

Although she pretended to be kind and loving in front of other people, she was very cruel to Butters and enjoyed hurting him like Butters's Parents. She liked to make him suffer and often injured him, stole his lunch money, threatened him, and gave him "gummy bears" (putting a part of his body in her toothless mouth). She even stabbed him in the leg with a fork.

Although she was a truly evil character, and came very close to crossing the Complete Monster territory, she managed to redeem herself when Butters confronted her and told her that while alive, then she will die, which she felt compelled to not mistreat more.

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