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Robot and Monster Grandma
is a character from Robot and Monster. She is the mother of Arpa Default and the grandmother of Gart Default and Robot Default.


She looks nothing like her daughter and grandsons. She is designed as a 1960's tape recorder with printed paper protruding from the top of her head like hair. Her eyes are usually slanted, though she occassionally opens them.


When first introduced in "Grandma's Day Out," it became evident that she is an incompatible person in the Default family, as Gart desperately wanted to pass his responsibility of watching over her in Robot's hands; Robot was shown to have a bit of intimidation with her as well.

Her linguistics consists mainly in numeric speech, binary code; the only numbers she utters are 1 and 0; Ex.: 1010. She is mostly known for cursing in her binary code, such as her most common used curse: 101.


  • For some reason, she has a strong hatred for Organics, as revealed in the episodes, "Grandma's Day Out" and "Baconmas."
  • Gart has a portrait of her in his office as well as Robot having a framed photo in his and Monster's apartment.

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