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GrandisKuwagamon is a minor villain in the second season of Digimon Fusion, and a minion of of the Dark General, Lord Zamielmon. He's also a member of the Bagra Army.


GrandisKuwagamon is a Mega Level Digimon that resembles a robotic insect humonoid. He has four wings and three (possibly retractable) claws on each arm.

Digimon Fusion

GrandisKuwagamon is a minion of one of the Dark Generals, Lord Zamielmon. He's both Lord Zamielmon's right-hand and his strongest fighter. He absorbed the Honeybeemon and became; GrandisKuwagamon Honeybee Mode so he can become more stronger. He was eventually defeated by JetMervamon.
GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode

GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode


  • Grandis Scissors
  • Gran Killer


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