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Grandiene is the central villain in Kyukyu Sentai Go-Go Five and the matriarch of the Psyma Family.


Having sent her four of her five children to Earth, the eldest sent to the darkest level of Hell for attacking her while a new born, Grandiene arranged for her children to bring her into reality on the day of the Grand Cross in the year 1999 under the guidance of her second born Zylpheeza. Though the ritual summon was foiled, Grandiene manifested in a mangled bodily form as she entrusts her youngest child, Salamandes, to lead the Psyma. However, Grandiene gained a ghastly final form by absorbing the negative energies overtime.

By that time, Grandiene's true colors are revealed when she forced Zylpheeza to kill Colbolda. Despite a dying Zylpheeza telling Go Red her weakeness, Grandiene survived the destruction of her body and took the bodies of Zylpheeza and Salamandes, her most powerful children, as her vessels to systematically destroy the world. However, the Go-Go Five team defeat the two Destroyers while Grandiene's spirit is finally destroyed from the exposure to positive energy.

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