Oh! Looks like... a visitor!
~ Unnamed Grandchild
Brothers, oh my brothers! One of our little WORMS has escaped his hole!
~ Unnamed Grandchild

The Grandchildren are a race of grotesque, worm-like creatures that are the main antagonists of Albino Lullaby.


The Grandchildren are grey, worm-like creatures that lack all appendages (sliding across the ground like snails, leaving green-slime trails) and have large, exaggerated faces. They have large, glowing red eyes and black-lipped mouths filled with many cylindrical teeth. They possess large noses and chins of varying sizes.

It is implied that the Grandchildren were once human, their limbs, eyes and digestive-systems removed and replaced using an inhumane procedure.


While their personalities may very, all grandchildren are loud, self-centered, competitive and immature. The grandchildren all follow a culture and laws centered around a mysterious figure called "Grandmother", whom they both greatly fear and worship. They all seem to see human-beings as vermin and cattle, seeing them as lesser to themselves and have intentions of either eating or converting them into other Grandchildren.