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The Grand Vizier in "The Quest"

How sad that your paladins weren’t as convincing as I was. And how incredibly sad that Verlox will soon have all of you in his hands.
~ The vizier taunting Sir Ansgar after revealing his true self.

The Grand Vizier is the secondary antagonist of the reality show (blended with fantasy fiction) "The Quest".


Initially when the series began, the Vizier is not completely evil, though his behavior suggests otherwise. He is very displeased to see the Paladins (Adria, Andrew, Bonnie, Lina, Leticia, Shondo, Jim, Katie, Ashley, Patrick, Jasmine, and Christian) come to Castle Saenctum to save Everealm from Verlox. Since then, he becomes extremely disrespectful towards them, even defying orders from Queen Ralia XXIII to treat them as honored guests. Even the Paladins don't seem to trust the Vizier because of his attitude.

It is confirmed in the ninth episode that the Vizier was in league with Verlox. He attempted to assassinate the queen by spiking her drink with poison. He framed Herra by planting a fire orb in his bag. He gave the queen the locket to make it easier for them to be tracked by the Rana tribe who he convinced to join forces with Verlox. In the final episode, when he attempted to stop Lina from defeating Verlox with the sunspear, Sir Ansgar stopped him just in time and when Verlox was destroyed, the Vizier was sent to prison for his traitorous deeds.