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This scum Grand Master of Death Kwon Do
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So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
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In the past, the Grand master took the Sensai off the streets and raised him like his own son. Sensai later stole the recipe for the Death Sandwich and mass produced it without his foster father's permission. The Grand Master got angry at the Sensai for that.

Years later, the Sensai returned to the Grand Master's dojo to help Benson, who incorrectly ate the Death Sandwich and needed the Sandwich of Life. The Grand Master refused to see him prompting Mordecai, Rigby, the Sensai, and Benson to defeat all the guards to confront him. The Grand Master still refused to help the Sensai even though he apologized to him.

When the Grand Master pulls out an electric razor to shave Mordecai and Rigby's mullet, the Sensei stood in the way which got his mullet shaved which erased his ability to use Death Kwon Do. Mordecai and Rigby were losing to the Grand Master and the Grand Master tried to kill them with the Double Death Sandwich. The Sensai taught Mordecai and Rigby a new move that caused the Grand Master to consume his own sandwich which made the dojo fall apart.

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