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Grand Mastro Mohs is the tertiary antagonist in the video game Tales of the Abyss and its anime adaptation. He is the leader of the Maestros that is obsessed with fullfilling the score.

Throughout the game, Mohs was determined to start the war between Kimlaska and Malkuth and keep it that way. He also had Ion kidnapped in the Oracle Headquarters. After Van Grants was defeated for the first time, Mohs kidnapped Ion again and took him into Mt. Zaleho. There, he forced Ion to read the seventh fonstone that was written on a large rock and it cost Ion his own life. Later, he had Dist turn him into the new Fon Master, but he becomes a monster at the same time. Mohs mind was starting to go crazy while he remained a monster. Luke and the others fought him at the Radiation Gate and Mohs then died afterwards.


  • His English Actor was Terrance Stone.

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