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Deputy Chief Judge Grampus

was a minor villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge storyline "The Day the Law Died!". The insane tyrant Judge Cal appointed Grampus Deputy Chief Judge after the assassination of Judge Fish.


Grampus was the leaders of the army of Kleggs that were hired by Cal oppress and control the population of Mega-City One during his reign of terror in 2101. After the Deputy Chief Judge Fish was assassinated, Cal appoints Grampus as Deputy Chief Judge. After Cal begins his plans to gas the entire population, he allows Grampus and his Klegg army to leave with their payment (meat). But before they could go to their spaceships, Dredd and the loyal Judges launch their assault to take down Cal. When Grampus and the others attempted to surrender, Dredd and the others killed the Kleggs, remarking "When did anyone ever surrender to you?", Grampus was killed by Dredd, Giant Sr. and Kelso.

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