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Gracko the Hawk is a minor antagonist of the 1988 Mexican animated sequel to Katy la Oruga "Katy meets the Aliens". Gracko is a male hawk with a punk mohawk hairstyle. Gracko is very similar to the bird from another movie (A Bug's Life), ambushing the inhabitants of a location.

Role in the Film

Gracko first appears singing his song, Wild Wind. In this song, he appears threatening in the forest. After the song, Gracko appears ambushing Katy's friends and harassing the forest's inhabitants. She gets help from Rosetta who pokes her claw. He tried to kill Katy and her children, but he escaped and went into the ant's colony. The boss ant also attacked him when his talon lands on the colony. Gracko flies away after getting beaten up. Later on, Rosetta and the other animals punish Gracko that he has caused trouble in the forest. Gracko later appears when trying to capture Katy, but X who transformed into Katy shot him down. Alien X forms into him and then captures him in a bubble. After the imprisoned animals are released, Grako despairs that he is sorry for threatening the forest.