Sir Graham Reid Malett a.k.a. Gabriel is a character in The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett . He is a member of The Order of St. John and one of the chief antagonists of main character, Francis Crawford of Lymond.

Role in the Series

When he first appear in the series, Sir Graham is considered to be the very model of the perfect knight in shining armour; humble, courageous and a natural leader of men. These qualities, combined with his angelic features have caused him to win the admiration of his fellow order-members, who has given him the nickname Gabriel. However, behind his holy facade, Gabriel is a sociopath willing to do everything in order to gain wealth and power. Being highly skilled in manipulation, as well as an excellent orator, Gabriel has no problem using his natural charisma and apparent good qualities to sway people to his side. The one exception to this is, Lymond himself, who sees through Gabriel's charade and spends a great portion of the third book: The Disorderly Knights attempting to reveal the seemingly saintly knight's corruption to the rest of The World.

The crimes committed by Gabriel are numerous, ranging from multiple betrayals, to kidnapping, to child abuse and even to having an incestuous relationship with his teenage sister, Joleta, whom he has corrupted to become almost as sick as he is. In additon, Gabriel is also a sadist, taking great pleasure in torturing his enemies both physically and mentally.