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Graham Miller

Graham Miller is the main  antagonist of Lux Pain at first he is pretending to be a self-proclaimed spy in  Kisaragi. He later truns out to be a telepath with powerful abilities. Whoever talks to him has a change in personality later on later truns out that he made a parasite and put it in him self just so he can kill peope for the fun of it. he is also after Rui and Nami's powers so he can later use thier powsers to become a god and kill more people .and to turn them into murdering psychopaths He manages to capture Nami but is later defeated by Atsuki in the final battle. he is also willing to rape or at lest hint at rapeing lany one of any age

Known for his colorful and flamboyant style of dressing, even though several characters comment on his 'poor taste' in clothing. he escapes in all of the bad endings.  and in one of the bad ending he causes every one to die.  he mind breack's a 10 year old boy   at one point

he infected 10'000's people in just 3 mouths and cause 1000's of crimes that goes from kidnapping to animal abuse and all the way up to Murdering kids and grownups rape people killing them selfs and he does all of this for fun he is even the cause for a ghost cat is just randomly killing people he cause the death of thousand's just by infecting people by turning them into murdering psychopaths or making them commit suicide or other crimes  he also trays to rape people and Infected people with parasites for the fun of it

he was killed by the main character after he attack the main character

he does all of this just for the fun of it and the only thing he care's about is power

the first person he infected was a 12 year old girl named Lil witch later dies from starvation

he also see's himself as a god    in one  a other one of the bad endings he force a girl to kill her self in a other bad ending he force the school nurse to start to go on a crazy shoting spree coes a cop to kill her fomers friends then has her kill her self

in the true ending he dies after attacking the main character