Graf Von Schrader is the main antagonist in the video game Medal of Honor: European Assault.


Von Schrader is first mentioned in the mission briefing during the first mission in North Africa. He is behind top secret V2 rocket testing in the desert. After Lt. William Holt destroys the rocket, he is sent by the OSS to the Soviet Union to gain info about a project called Virus House, which von Schrader is also behind. Finally, at the third mission on Battle of the Bulge, Operation: Virus House, Holt enters von Schrader's bunker where von Schrader's plan, the dirty bomb, is kept. Upon venturing deep enough into the bunker, a timer starts to count down, and von Schrader's voice comes over the loudspeakers:

William Holt. Yes, I know who you are. I have made you a study of mine. My men never really appreciated you. That was their downfall, I think. I, however, have found you a worthy adversary. But all games have their end, and this too has run its course. It is pointless for you to try to stop this. The device will detonate! It is too late for you. It is too late for all of us! Foolish American. This will be your tomb! Our victory, your epitaph! The Reich will triumph! You simply cannot stop destiny. William, you cannot win!

If the player ventures even deeper into the bunker, von Schrader can be seen at the end of a corridor holding an StG-44, with dozens of Nazi soldiers protecting him. After a little while, he runs up a two flights of stairs to an MG-42. Holt must pursue him and eventually come to a small courtyard with the bomb in the center tower. Holt then must defeat him while dozens more Germans climb down from where he is. After he is killed, Holt must drop the dirty bomb down deep into the bunker, thus ending von Schrader's threat to the Allies.