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Who am I here?
~ David Harris aka Grady Edwards.

Grady Edwards (also known as David Harris and later Chris Ames) is the main antagonist of the 2009 remake The Stepfather. He appears as super friendly, but is actually an on-the-run serial killer with an unknown past, who targets unwitting families.

He was portrayed by Dylan Walsh.

He has constantly changed his identities.

Using names such as David Harris and/or Chris Aims.

He acts polite and friendly. But when his true colours are shown. He shows little to no emotion towards his victims.


I thought I could make this work. But I can't!.. This isn't the right family for me.. The boy is the problem. You haven't been hard enough on him.. You gotta make a boy understand. You gotta break him if necessary!
~ Grady Edwards
(about the report of a mother killing her family) Maybe they disappointed her.
~ Grady Edwards
I thought I could make this work! But I can't!.. I thought you could be Mrs Grady Edwards! BUT YOU CAN'T!
~ Grady Edwards