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Gracos is one of the four Dread Fiends and a main villain in Dragon Quest VI. He is a portly merman-like monster who destroyed Ashlynn's home, Sorceria, and sealed its Dream-World counterpart, leaving a large crater in its place. He uses a polearm to fight and knows some dangerous spells.

After his defeat, the seal of Sorceria breaks and the city emerges once again in the Dream World where the sorceress Ashmerelda teaches Ashlynn Magic Burst before being found out and killed by the Archfiend, Gracos' master. Ashmerelda simply says she had already considered this could happen, but she's still glad she could pass on the spell to her possible successor.


  • Gracos has parallels to Kraken, both of them are the water elemental member of a group of four demons and live in an underwater palace.
  • Why Gracos wanted to prevent Magic Burst from being used against his master is unclear since it actually isn't a very good spell for magic-users to use because it depletes all their power.

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