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Gracious and Glorious are two high-ranking Laguna belonging to the First Sphere. They look similar to Grace and Glory and fight using very similar tactics. They are widely regarded by players as being the most difficult and powerful enemies in the game.

Hierarchy of Laguna

Within the nine ranks of the angelic hierarchy, the highest ranking Seraphim are charged with governing the love and zeal of The Creator. The pure white armored Gracious and the black armor-clad Glorious are often sighted in pairs; however, their existence itself remains legend, subject to rumors of varied veracity.

Supposedly gifted with incredible god-like powers there are no records of Gracious or Glorious appearing on the battlefield of evil; however, it is said this is because a mere taste of their power is enough to destroy the world, devastating all its path - both the record and the record-keeper.

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