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The Gozerian Terror Bear

The Gozerian Terror Bear

The Gozerian Terror Bear is a bear statue on Wall Street in Manhatten, New York that was animated by the evil entity Idulnas.


In order to perform the rite of change for Gozer, Idulnas needed Ray Stantz. Since the Ghostbusters were away in Queens investigating the Wander Hills Orphanage, Idulnas needed to draw them back to Manhattan. From an observation deck on the Empire State Building, Idulnas animated the famous bear statue of Wall Street just as two tourists named Jacquelyn and Zac took a photograph in front of it. The bear went on a rampage for several hours then disappeared into thin air. City Hall estimated it did at least a half-million in damages and counting. Walter Peck had all the relevant details faxed to the Ghostbusters.

2 days later, the bear reappeared in Times Square. It was dubbed the "Terror Bear" for its striking similarities in physical characteristics to the Gozerian Terror Dogs. This time the Ghostbusters were on scene and engaged it. Egon Spengler used a new Refined Prototype Pack to fire Boson Darts at it. After a few shots, it collapsed. Ray Stantz intended to test his new Megatrap on the Terror Bear, but he was kidnapped by Idulnas through the reflective rear windscreen of Ecto-1a. Moments afterwards the Terror Bear dispersed, leaving no remains.

Powers and Abilities

The Gozerian Terror Bear was actually an ectoplasmic animation, psychokinetically generated, or possibly a summoned symbiote of transdimensional properties that bonds itself to a suitable or chosen vessel. It either transmogrifies the vessel or allows for interdimensional relocation of another appropriate entity.

The longer it remained animate, the more powerful or "complete" the Terror Bear became. Thus, it had a fluctuating P.K.E. reading. Once it became destabilized by Boson Darts, its eV count and PKR frequency dropped dramatically.



  • The Gozerian Terror Bear statue is based on the Charging Bull in Bowling Green Park near Wall Street.
  • Touching the bear is supposed to ward off bad luck.