The Governor of Dead Man's Island is the main villain in the Three Stooges short, Three Little Pirates.

The Stooges were sailors of a garage scow that were marooned and brought to the governor. He was gonna make galley slaves of them, but changed is mind when Curly flirted with Rita, his fiancee. The governor throws the Stooges in jail, and sentences them to death via burning at the stake.

With Rita's help, the boys escape by disguising themselves as "wayfarers from a strange land" bringing priceless gifts. Curly is the great, nearsighted Maharaja of Canarsie who has domains on the isles of Coney and Long. Moe is the Gin of Rummy, and Larry is an accomplice.

When the governor's secretary told him he was trick, it is revealed they were gonna bribe his friend, Black Louie the Pirate to get them off the island. So he sends a message to Louie to warn him about the Stooges before they get there.

He was portrayed by Vernon Dent.