The Government

But you take all we are; the innocence of our hearts. Make us kneel before the altar as you tear us apart!"
~ Lyrics from the Hollywood Undead music video "Young" about the Government.

The "Government" is a nameless antagonist in the Hollywood Undead music video "Young" - symbolizing the darker parts of modern society as well as the "human condition": appearing on and off in the video as an inexplicable and enigmatic politician speaking to the masses and giving false promises their flag is obviously fashioned somewhat on the Nazi Germany design but the swatsika is replaced with a stylized grenade.

The "Government" appears in large screens across the world, much like Big Brother, they also appear briefly to have massive building draped with their flags (perhaps a symbolism of them either ruling the world or planning on doing so).

The song's lyrics suggests a battle against corrupt society and false leaders as well as rebellion - most likely against this figure (though the figure is representive of the modern world in which many of us live in).

Indeed at the end of the music video Hollywood Undead seem to overthrow the "Government" by raiding his stronghold, his ultimate fate is unknown.