Gothel is the main antagonist in Barbie as Rapunzel. She is a witch with endless and wild power.

She was voiced by Anjelica Huston.


When Rapunzel, a protagonist of the movie, was a baby, Gothel kidnapped her and put her in the manor hidden deeply in dark woods behind the magic wall.

Gothel made Rapunzel her own servant, who must keep the manor in the right order.

She categorically hates painting and when she saw traces of paint on Rapunzel's face, she got furious. She also got furious when she found one squeaking step in the stairs.

Rapunzel accidentaly discovered many things from Gothel's past in the basement like Gothel had many invitations on different balls. Penelope found a painting of Gothel and an unknown man (later it became clear it was Rapunzel's father, King Wilhelm) whose face was torn.

Rapunzel also found a silver hairbrush gifted to her by her parents for her first birthday. In that moment, Gothel called Rapunzel.

When Rapunzel discovered a secret tunnel and went to the village, Otto, Gothel's pet ferret, told Gothel everything about Rapunzel's trip.

Gothel appeared in Rapunzel's room and asked her the name of the lad that Rapunzel met during her walk. Rapunzel did not know his name, so she answered honestly, she didn't know.

Convinced that Rapunzel was lying, Gothel destroyed Rapunzel's paintings and brushes and transformed Rapunzel's room in a tall tower with no enter and told Rapunzel it would be worse if she won't say his name.

Rapunzel's hairbrush transformed into the silver paintbrush. Rapunzel created a magical entry into Stefan's kingdom; he invited her on masquerade ball in honor of his birthday. Rapunzel returned in the tower and began painting dresses.

Otto noticed the shine of paintbrush from tower's windows and told Gothel about it. She appeared and found the magical enter, painted by Rapunzel.

She destroyed it, cut Rapunzel's hair off and broke her silver paintbrush. Gothel answered one more time about the guy's name.

Rapunzel answered that she didn't know and Gothel, with Rapunzel's hair, put a magic barrier to Rapunzel's tower, that could only be trespassed by persons with an honest heart, believing that way she would be jailed forever, and flew to Stefan's castle.

Stefan saw a person with long hair at the ball. He thought it was Rapunzel and followed her. In the centre of a maze, Stefan chased "Rapunzel".

Gothel opened her true face and spoke to him. Stefan told her that he was about to see Rapunzel, but Gothel got furious and began attacking him.

Stefan ran away, and Gothel followed. Stefan's little sisters and his brother wanted to help Stefan, but Gothel attacked them, and they ran away.

Gothel came in the ballroom, where King Frederick and King Wilhelm were fighting.

She threw their swords away and told everyone that she was King Wilhelm's ex-lover who kidnapped Rapunzel as revenge. Gothel wanted to kill everyone in the ballroom, but Rapunzel, Penelope, and Hobie appeared.

Gothel started attacking Rapunzel who ran away and when Gothel was about to chase her, Rapunzel trapped her into the tower painting that was painted by Rapunzel before to turn her back to the tower again.

Gothel got into the tower, bewitched by herself and all her spells are powerless against her only spell "not to release a prisioner with a lying heart".

Gothel stays in the tower and her ferret, Otto becomes her servant. Gothel is still as capricious as she used to be.


Gothel is shown to be very cruel, ruthless, manipulative, and violent. She is an overconfident and persuasive woman who hates liars, yet she is one herself. She is very bossy, captious, and overcritical, and if there is a single squeaking step in the staircase, she screams at Rapunzel, because it is Rapunzel's duty to watch over the manor.

Gothel herself does nothing for the manor, instead she rides a horse, drinks tea that has to be done in six minutes or has 'beauty naps'. Even after she is captured by her own spell, she does nothing for herself, but forces Otto instead.


Gothel's appearance is different from any other female character. She has gray hair pulled back into a bun style. She has cold green eyes and is the only character to have a long face.


Never release a prisoner with a lying heart.
~ Gothel


  • Gothel is the first female antagonist of the Barbie film series.