Gorvan OV (2)

Gorvan is a Tetramand who appeared in Special Delivery.


Gorvan appears to be a short, out-of-shape Tetramand who wears a yellow and black jumpsuit and a pair of gloves. In his disguise, he wears a Plumber's Uniform|Plumber suit that fits him with two sleeves that hide his four arms, which appears to be two, and a helmet to hide his identity.


  • In Special Delivery, Gorvan appeared as a cameo character in the background.
  • In Mud is Thicker than Water, it was revealed that Gorvan was the spy that infiltrated the Plumbers so he could supply Psyphon and his thugs with the latest Plumber technology and the Anihilaarg. In a raid, Gorvan was thrown out of the Plumber ship by one of Psyphon's goons to avert suspicion, angering him in the process, unknowingly leading the Plumbers to their hideout. He then fought Gwen and was defeated by her and was arrested by the Plumbers.


Ben 10: Omniverse

  • Special Delivery (first appearance; cameo)
  • Mud is Thicker than Water


  • Even though Gorvan is first introduced as a video-game character, he has his own action figure and his collective card that shows what he looks like in the TV series. He also has a smaller toy in an Alien Creation two-pack with Murk Upchuck.
  • Gorvan is shorter and fatter than average for a Tetramand.