Template:InfoboxGeneral Pepel (ピェーペル将軍 Pyēperu Shōgun, Пепел means 'ash' in russian) also known as Gorou Shikabane (鹿羽 吾郎 Shikabane Gorō) is a big and overbearing fighter and one of the leaders of the Zvezda.



His intimidating appearance belies General Pepel's love for fancy sweets.

He has not graduated from elementary school.


He is respected by all and shares a master-disciple relationship with Odin, stemed from their gang past. He is extremely loyal of Venera who he claims to be the only person can dispatch him.

Pepel Shōgun (鹿羽 吾郎 Shikabane Gorō) shares a last name (鹿羽 Shikabane) with Plamya (鹿羽 逸花 Shikabane Itsuka). She has also referred to him as 'Pops' (オヤジ Oyaji). It is possible that Pepel Shōgun is Plamya's father.