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Gorm is the main antagonist of Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension. He will stop at nothing until he obtains Nick Bluetooth's glinch energy and unlocks the portal to Galidor, so that he may complete his conquest of all the realms of the Outer Dimension.

My word is what controls the outer dimension! My word is what controls you!
~ Gorm


Before the start of the series, he was personally tasked with the defense of Queen Riana. He had hoped that his position would enable him to garner enough trust in Riana to ascend to the throne. When Sam Bluetooth arrived in the Outer Dimension, his mutual feelings for Riana became an obstacle to his plan, so with the help of his advisor Tager, he engineered a riot in Kek in an attempt to eliminate him. While it did cause the destruction of all Siktari warriors, he failed to eliminate The Stranger and moreover was exposed as a traitor to the state of Galidor. Later, Sam and Riana had a son, Nick Bluetooth, born with massive reserves of glinch energy. Gorm was able to steal a fair amount of this energy before The Stranger sent his son back to Earth where he would be safe. However, Gorm was now powerful enough to conquer most of the known realms of the Outer Dimension. He crafted a virus that destroyed all of Dreejal-Vin's maps to the Outer Realms, reduced lush Arbo into a barren wasteland causing the extinction of the Amphibibs, burned the body of the Wexer scientist Jens, and forced the realm of Galidor to isolate itself for protection until opened once again by the key.

TV Show

When Stranger's son, Nick Bluetooth, came into the outer dimensions with his friend Allegra, they began collecting all the key fragments for the gates of Galidor with Jens, Euripides, and Nepol. Gorm tries to get the key fragments as well as the rest of Nick's glinching powers, but always gets outsmarted. When Nick and his friends finally manage to collect all the key fragments, they find the gates of Galidor. However, Gorm has found them their and sents them back to Nick's home town along with the key fragments. Without the key fragments, Gorm tries using brute force to open the gates. When Nick and friends manage to find another way back to outer dimensions, they confront Gorm. Gorm however absorbs the Galidorians in his bomb that he can use to destroy the gates, as well as Nick's friends. He gets Nick to open the gates for him, but Nick instead glitches his entire body out of the pure energy of the gates and jumps into Gorm's body, taking back the glinching energy that he took from him and freeing Nick's friends. After a struggle, Gorm seemingly gets destroyed. However, by the end of the show, Gorm is revealed to still be alive, furious at losing to Nick. The show ends with a cliffhanger as Gorm reveals that he has The Stranger, Nick's Father, as his prisoner.


  • Gorm's left eye has an organic and reptilian Appearence while his right eye appears to be cybernetic. This shows that Gorm maybe a cyborg.
  • Gorm's final defeat is very similar to Agent Smith's first defeat in many ways: The protagonist jumps into their own bodies which causes them to blow up.