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Gork & Mork
Gork & Mork

Gork and Mork are the twin patron deities of the Orks and embody the warlike nature of the species, Gork and Mork are both merciless destroyer gods of war and are only vaguely separated by the fact one is "cunning and brutal" and the other "brutal and cunning".

Many theories have come about as to what Gork and Mork truly are, with some seeing them as simply alter egos of a single deity that embodies the duel nature of Orks themselves.

Despite being war gods neither Gork nor Mork are pleased with the growing influence the Chaos Gods are gaining in the 41st millennium and thus call on their children ever more, with many WAAAAAAAGH!s forming as the Orks are heeding the command of their ancient gods to start the endless war, plunging all things into eternal conflict (which to the Orks would be comparable to Heaven, since they worship violence as an ideal).

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