Gork Joe & Mac

Gork (left) vs Joe.

Gork is the main antagonist of the Data East video game Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics. He is a caveman who has great resentment for the caveman tribe's heroes Joe and Mac.

In the beginning of the game, Gork, along with a group of reject cavemen, sneak into the village at night searching for the mysterious crown known to give magical powers. He grabs the crown and tiptoes away from the village. The player, as Joe (and/or Mac), has/have their first encounter with Gork after collecting five rainbow stones throughout the tropics, defeating Gork's henchmen and wild dinosaurs along the way. He seemingly sets the village on fire and challenges Joe/Mac to a fight. Gork is defeated but flees to a cave hideout where the cavemen duo are forced to find him. Cornering him again, Gork has a rematch with the cavemen but is defeated once again. However, he begins to harness the power of the crown and is able to spin towards either caveman, and attack them with fire powers. With some effort from their clubs, the cavemen duo defeat Gork once and for all and retrieve the stolen crown back from him.