The Gorilla Toy is a small miniature robot created by the future Dr. Animo to help his present self escape Plumbers HQ.


Physically, the Gorilla Toy looks like a silverfish-grey overgrown albino gorilla with a human head.

Powers and Abilities

The Gorilla Toy has various features: It is capable of self-movement, indicating that it might actually be a small robot. It has a communicator from which the future Animo can speak to his present self. It can also fire lasers from its index finger and has a magnetic wave grenade used to disrupt Ben Tennyson's Upgrade form.


The Gorilla Toy makes its first and only appearance in Animo Crackers, where it was transported to Dr. Animo's cell to help him escape his prison. It used its laser finger to cut through the cell doors and break apart the bridge so that the Plumbers can't follow Animo. It also helped Animo take down Ben as Upgrade using a magnetic wave grenade. After launching Animo in the elevator and crash-landing on the forest, the Toy was damaged beyond repair even though its usefulness was at an end.