Gorilla General - champion of "Might Makes Right"

Gorilla General was a villain from the cartoon series "Mighty Max".
When Max's mom stumbled onto an ancient civilization of talking gorillas, it was up to Max to rescue her. The main obstacle in his way, however, was the cruel general of the gorilla armies, who felt that Max was introducing dangerous ideas into his society - such as treating humans as equals rather than slaves as well as the concept of compassion towards those less fortunate than oneself, concepts previously alien to the gorillas, who had been living under a brutal society akin to Ancient Rome. A true believer in "might makes right", the general would not give into such changes, trying to kill Max for his interferce and finally facing him in a ritual challenge with no rules when these attempts failed. Max won by flinging his opponent into a portal that transported the gorilla into a barren desert, resulting in him letting out a roar of frustration at his defeat.