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Gorilla (real name: unknown) was a minor villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He is a criminal who murdered Judges by using the solar gun (which is powered by the sun rays and it has the power to destroy tanks).

Gorilla and his gang, using a building, waited for the sun to rise and then they find Judge Carter patrolling. Gorilla then proceeds to use the solar gun to obliterate him. Judge Carter was the third Judge to be killed by Gorilla (the other two were Judges Abel and Baker) and then sends a message to Judge Dredd threatening that he's next. Dredd then proceeds to the Mega-City Atmosphere Control and orders them to make the cloud cover up the sun to make Gorilla's weapon ineffective. When they see Dredd, Gorilla attempts to shoot him but his gun stopped working and they attempted to escape from him, but Dredd, using his bike cannons, kills two of the criminals and the vehicle crashes into the weather building. He then makes a break for it and finds a pod to hide in, but it turns out to be a sunprobe which is heading for the sun with a chimp to test to see if it's safe to build a manned station near the sun. The probe is then launched with Dredd watching and he presumably slowly burns to death

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