Gorgutz Ead Hunter is the recurring antagonist and a playable character from the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series of video games.

He is a cybernetic Ork Warboss who was involved in four major campaigns on four different planets/planetary systems against the force of the Imperium of Man and the other major races of the galaxy.

In his first attempt at galactic devastation (situated on the Ice World of Lorn V), it was revealed that Gorgutz has a penchant of collecting the heads of his enemies.

During the campaign of Lorn V, he briefly teamed up with the champion of chaos Crull in a bid to take over a partially damaged Titan- an Imperial War Machine that could terminate entire planets' worth of soldiery and other war machines -before betraying him and taking his head. As fate would have it, he had an escape craft built beforehand to get off-planet and eventually made it to the planet Kronus, where he forged a WAAAGH!- the Ork equivalent of a holy pilgrimage and migratory war -out of the local Feral Ork populations.

He was then defeated and forced to flee by the Space Marines and the Imperial Guard for three times (his first failings being on Lorn V, his second failings occurring on Kronus and his third failure set in the Kaurava system, though he did manage to humiliate the few poor souls that chose to oppose him).

His current status has him starting a new WAAAGH! that begins on the planet Cyprus Ultima, but later moves onto Acheron when the planet is pulled into realspace. However, things have changed significantly- not only has Gorgutz been demoted to a Meganob- the elite troops of the Orks -by a new Warboss called Gitstompa, but his own wargear has been updated: his power klaw has been replaced with a crane arm that has a retractable grapple function and his armor has been painted yellow.