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Gorgon (real name Tomi Shishido) is a Marvel Comics villain and Mutant who is frequently a foe to Wolverine and also a high-ranking member of Hydra and the Hand.

True to his name, Gorgon is prone to turning innocent people into statues (particularly women), which he uses to decorate his palace. He also murdered his own family to prove he was worthy to join the Hand and led Hydra's brainwashing of Wolverine, which sent the mutant on a killing spree that he has never forgiven himself for. Gorgon also founded a Mutant supremacist group akin to the Brotherhood (only worse), and has even shown a willingness to murder children, as demonstrated when he mercilessly impaled Phoebos on his sword. He has also spent time as ironically, his primary foe Wolverine.


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