Lieutenant Goresby-Purrvis is one of the members of the Triumgorate and a major villain in Dragon Quest IX. The Triumgorate is a trio of Lieutenants who serve the House of Gitt and were resurrected by the main antagonist as animals, along with the evil King Godwyn , their current master.

Purrvis was resurrected as a humanoid leopard and is the most honourable of the Triumgorate members. He fights with a katana and is really skilled at using it. His speed is also quite remarkable, as he can slash at the player twice per turn.

The honourable leopard returns one last time as a ghost in front of the Gittingham Palace in one of the Extra Quests for a final request to the hero/heroine: To put the soul of the original ruler, King Godfrey, to rest. or that, the main character must reach the throne once again and battle King Godwyn's father. After defeating him and his soul being put to rest, Purrvis is also put at ease and rises to the afterlife.



【BOSS】 ドラゴンクエスト9 vs ギュメイ将軍02:29

【BOSS】 ドラゴンクエスト9 vs ギュメイ将軍

Battle with Goresby-Purrvis