Gordon Hula is a minor character in the children's cartoon Bobby's World and the main antagonist of the episode "Misery Loves Company." He is like an equivalent to the original main antagonist of Misery, Annie Wilkes. He is one of Bobby Generic's friends, whose house the latter sleeps over at. Gordon says he is Bobby's #1 fan. It is unknown who does his voice.

At his house, he keeps framing Bobby to make him look bad so he gets in trouble. When he runs in the house, he makes it look like he was chasing Bobby. He keeps getting Bobby in big trouble.

At one point, at dinnertime, when Bobby finishes his lentils, Gordon puts his on Bobby's plate so Gordon gets ice cream for dessert and Bobby doesn't.

In the bathroom, Gordon makes it look like Bobby splashed on the floor.

At bedtime, Bobby has to go to the bathroom, so Gordon gives him the wrong directions so the burglar alarm goes off and the police arrive. Bobby is sent back to bed with Mrs. Hula telling him to stay put or else he'll be in trouble no matter whose son he is. Because of this, he refuses to leave when Gordon has a surprise for him, so Gordon goes up and gives it to him himself.

The next morning, it turns out the surprise is candy in his hair. It isn't until he and Uncle Ted enter the living room (where he is led to believe to be forbidden). It turns out the Hula family always spends Sunday morning there. Gordon lies to his mother, telling her he told Bobby, but he wouldn't listen, but his mother says she knows.

Finally, Mrs. Generic invites Gordon over, much to Bobby's dismay... he reluctantly invites him, but this time, he plans revenge on him.