I would feel bad about this, but morality is for people who don't have other people trying to kill them every five minutes.
~ Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman is the hero of the Half-Life video-game series re-imagined into the self-serving anti-hero protagonist of the Machinima web series Freeman's Mind by Ross Scott.

Unlike his canonical video game counterpart, this Gordon is a neurotic, eccentric and narcissistic individual who tries to escape from the Black Mesa facility with little to no regard for everyone else involved in the incident and always busy having rambling internal monologues.

In the end he is met by the G-Man who Freeman mistakes for a Time Lord. Like in the Half-Life campaign G-Man gives Freeman a choice to work for him. Freeman chooses to work for G-Man by stepping into a portal, which results in him being placed into stasis. In an alternative ending if Freeman refuses, he is teleported to an area of Xen overrun with grotesque and deformed G-Man monsters.


  • Ross Scott's Gordon Freeman appears in other Mind Series spin-offs. In Barney's Mind (which uses Half-Life: Blue Shift) Barney hears "sucker" being yelled at him by Freeman who is passing by on a tram (which occurred in the very first episode of Freeman's Mind). In a remake of the second episode, Barney spots Gordon on the security cameras, in which Gordon replies "sup fool" to a passing scientist, much to Barney's amusement. This event happened in the second episode of Freeman's Mind. In the final of Barney's Mind, Barney sees Gordon being dragged away by the HECU Marines, and later hopes he got out alive.
  • In the Mind series Felix's Mind, it is shown Gordon has a brother called Felix. In an alternative timeline to Half-Life 2 and its episodes, G-Man mistakes Felix for Gordon himself and Felix finds himself battling against the Combine. In a sole episode for the cancelled Second Series, it is revealed that Gordon and Felix's parents are dead, and that Gordon had gotten Felix a job at Black Mesa.
  • An unofficial sequel titled Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2 was created by Jared "CooL" O'Brien set during the events of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. However it was cancelled after 4 episodes. Jared had provided the voice for Freeman in a short flashback in Felix's Mind's first (and only) episode in the second series.
  • Although the Freeman's Mind series has ended, Ross Scott is open to continuing the characters adventures into Half-Life 2.

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