I'm gonna gun yo weasel butt down!
~ Gordon "Digs" Fowler's famous quote.

Gordon "Digs" Fowler is a enemy character in Red Dead Revolver.

According to Bartlett's Journal, Gordon "Digs" Fowler have earned his nickname either from the way he digs into every bit of food he can find or the way he digs into people's chests with his pick-axe, witch is most likely couse of that.


Red Harlow first fights with Gordon in mission "Carnival Life" alongside with Fidgits. While Fidgits spawned more than once in the mission, "Digs" only spawned once. Red has a duel vs. three opponents during the mission "Ghost Town". One of the opponents is "Digs" Fowler, Bandito and Jesse Lynch. He also appears as a recurring opponent in mission "Cemetery", attacking the player with his pick-axe if he gets close enough. In any way, he must be killed in order to complete the mission.

Mission Appearances

  • "Carnival Life"
  • "Ghost Town"
  • "The Cemetery"

Showdown Mode

Fowler is unlocked as a playable character in Showdown Mode by successfully completing the level "Ghost Town" in under four minutes in Bounty Hunter Mode. He can also be unlocked by purchasing the Dirty Shovel at the start of the mission "Sunset Canyon".